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Hi, I'm Katrin Kristin
Digital Marketer & Sketchnote Artist

I am a digital marketer, sketchnote illustrator and content creator based in Germany. You can find out more about my work in my portfolio. I share thoughts about personal branding, content creation, digital marketing and career development on my blog.


I am a visual thinker and found my passion in digital marketing.

Solving problems in a creative way, discovering new aspects of digital marketing, thinking out of the box, putting my thoughts into scribbles, networking with people from all over the world and the future of remote work are the things that excite me the most.


I thrive when I can do creative and strategic work at the same time while staying on top of the newest trends in the digital world. As a visual thinker, I create sketchnotes and visual summaries to help me learn and remember things and post them on social media so others can find them helpful, too!

My newest passion project has been developing my personal brand on LinkedIn. I would love to talk about all things digital marketing, personal branding or content creation, so feel free to get in touch!

I am passionate about experimenting with different kinds of digital content and creating digital marketing strategies, in particular for sustainable and forward-thinking brands.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Personal Branding  LinkedIn 

Sketchnotes Content Creation 

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As a visual thinker, little scribbles and visual notes have always helped me to remember things I wanted to learn. I started creating sketchnotes in 2019, covering topics like mental health, gut health, personal finance and career development. Since 2019, I have collaborated with international clients and helped them break down complex topics into easy to understand infographics.

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